What is Eucharisteo?

Welcome to Eucharisteo Films!

I help families capture and preserve their unique legacy by documenting their milestone moments (that can’t be captured by photo alone), so they never have to fear forgetting the living, breathing memories they cherish the most.

If love is your family legacy then my job is to capture THAT LOVE in ACTION.

Behind the Name

Eucharisteo is a Greek word meaning; to give thanks.

It came out of a place in my life where I began to learn that even in the hardest seasons, there are always reasons to give thanks and be grateful. Remembrance and thanksgiving are so crucial for us to practice and pass on, in every season of life. Not just for the sake of stewarding moments for ourselves, but because one day when we’re gone what will our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren know and learn from us? Changing the world starts in our home, so how will we steward our impact to reach into future generations?

Story telling has been the greatest way to preserve history since the beginning of time. But in this day and age, so many of us have lost the art of story-telling. We’re overwhelmed with the rush of this fast-paced century and have lost sight of how or why it’s even important to make an impact that will last beyond our generation. Our stories, our legacy, builds a higher ground for our children to grasp onto and run on in order for them to continue on in changing the world around them.

THIS is why I am deeply passionate about helping families capture and preserve their legacy. This world desperately needs it.

Behind the camera

Hey y'all! I'm Neeli.

Growing up, I was always the kid pulling out all of the old home videos (still am). I loved reliving different seasons of life, remembering how everyone used to look, act, and sound. I never would've guessed it would lead to this, but now it all makes sense!

A few things about me:

-Jesus is my all in all.

-I'm a young bride, married November 20, 2015 at age 19 to my incredible husband, Jacob.  

-I hope to have a large family one day. Like, 12 kids kind of large, both biological and adopted. I know, I know. I guess we will both just wait and see what happens.

-My favorite foods are, lamb, pretty much any Thai dish, ribs, dark chocolate, and chocolate ice cream (with more chocolate chunks in it).

-My favorite drinks are sparkling water, coffee (black, all the way to frothy lattes), and just about any good red wine

-Small talk. I’ll do it, but I don’t love it. Let’s just get to the deep stuff that actually matters. ;)

-Not a day goes by without a little bit of singing and dancing. I just can’t help it!

-I’m a born and raised TX gal. In November of 2018, my husband and I took a leap of faith and transplanted ourselves into the heart of Tennessee. We live in a little blue house that sits on almost an acre of land in a Nashville surrounding country town. I’m hoping to grow my own little flower garden and maybe one day raise chickens and goats. I’ll have to keep you updated on that one. ;)

-Your turn! Send me an email, shoot me a call, or stop on over by my Facebook or Instagram to say hey and let’s talk about the deep stuff of life and how we can preserve your family’s incredible legacy! <3